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Attracting the Right Employees

In Cyprus’ dynamic job market, attracting top talent is paramount for business success. With demand outstripping supply in many sectors, employers must implement strategic approaches

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Outplacement Services

As part of our comprehensive Recruitment Services at CareerFinders, we offer an extensive Outplacement Programme designed to support clients in Cyprus undergoing transitions such as relocation or ceasing business operations on the Island. This programme aims to provide affected employees and colleagues with the guidance and resources needed to re-enter the job market swiftly.

Our Outplacement Programme is highly personalized, tailored to the unique needs of each individual. Led by our In-House Outplacement Team, composed of CareerFinders Co-Founders Chris Moore and Sophie Aristodemou, who possess extensive experience in delivering such programmes to prominent international companies operating in Cyprus.

Participants in our Outplacement Programme receive dedicated face-to-face time with our team to ensure comprehensive support throughout this challenging period. We collaborate closely with individuals to develop customized plans that address their specific needs and bridge any skills gaps.

A key focus of our programme is optimizing CVs to make them appealing, concise, and competitive, thereby enhancing prospects in the Cyprus job market and beyond. Following CV refinement, we provide personalized Interview Training & Career Coaching, empowering individuals to excel in critical interview scenarios.

Once participants are adequately prepared to market themselves to potential employers, we endeavor to introduce them to our extensive client network across Cyprus, facilitating opportunities for their CVs to generate interest.

Companies engaging with CareerFinders for our Outplacement Services in Cyprus receive regular updates and progress reports on the individuals undergoing the programme.

To learn more about our Outplacement Programme, please don’t hesitate to contact either Chris Moore or Sophie Aristodemou at +357 22 002 285 or via email at We’re here to provide the support and guidance needed during these transitional periods.