Attracting the Right Employees

In Cyprus’ dynamic job market, attracting top talent is paramount for business success. With demand outstripping supply in many sectors, employers must implement strategic approaches to stand out and secure the best candidates.   Step 1: Optimize Company Culture & Online Presence In today’s digital age, a strong online presence is crucial for attracting talent. […]

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A Great CV & Job Application

In today’s fiercely competitive Employment Market, crafting a high-quality CV and job Application is paramount. As Recruiters representing numerous organisations across Cyprus, a significant aspect of our role is meticulously reviewing the multitude of applications we receive from eager job seekers. We meticulously screen these applications to ensure that only the most relevant, compelling, and

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Build a Relationship with Recruiters

When it comes to job searching, leveraging the expertise of recruitment agencies can significantly enhance your prospects while safeguarding your confidentiality, especially in a tight-knit community like Cyprus. Establishing a strong rapport with your recruiter is key to maximizing your opportunities. While recruiters are responsible for acknowledging your application and assessing your fit for potential

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How to Ace your Interview!

Read the CareerFinders Interview Preparation Guide to ensure you deliver your best on the day! Ahead of the Interview:  Research the company. The company’s Website, Business and financial magazines, LinkedIn, listed companies-Annual Reports.  Learn about the Interviewer. Research their accomplishments, history with the organization, outside interests and use this information to build initial rapport and

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